1. (n.) That agent, force, or action in nature by the operation of which upon the organs of sight, objects are rendered visible or luminous.

2. (n.) That which furnishes, or is a source of, light, as the sun, a star, a candle, a lighthouse, etc.

3. (n.) The time during which the light of the sun is visible; day; especially, the dawn of day.

4. (n.) The brightness of the eye or eyes.

5. (n.) The medium through which light is admitted, as a window, or window pane; a skylight; in architecture, one of the compartments of a window made by a mullion or mullions.

6. (n.) Life; existence.

7. (n.) Open view; a visible state or condition; public observation; publicity.

8. (n.) The power of perception by vision.

9. (n.) That which illumines or makes clear to the mind; mental or spiritual illumination; enlightenment; knowledge; information.

10. (n.) Prosperity; happiness; joy; felicity.

11. (n.) The manner in which the light strikes upon a picture; that part of a picture which represents those objects upon which the light is supposed to fall; the more illuminated part of a landscape or other scene; -- opposed to shade. Cf. Chiaroscuro.

12. (n.) Appearance due to the particular facts and circumstances presented to view; point of view; as, to state things fairly and put them in the right light.

13. (n.) One who is conspicuous or noteworthy; a model or example; as, the lights of the age or of antiquity.

14. (n.) A firework made by filling a case with a substance which burns brilliantly with a white or colored flame; as, a Bengal light.

15. (superl) Having light; not dark or obscure; bright; clear; as, the apartment is light.

16. (superl) White or whitish; not intense or very marked; not of a deep shade; moderately colored; as, a light color; a light brown; a light complexion.

17. (n.) To set fire to; to cause to burn; to set burning; to ignite; to kindle; as, to light a candle or lamp; to light the gas; -- sometimes with up.

18. (n.) To give light to; to illuminate; to fill with light; to spread over with light; -- often with up.

19. (n.) To attend or conduct with a light; to show the way to by means of a light.

20. (v. i.) To become ignited; to take fire; as, the match will not light.

21. (v. i.) To be illuminated; to receive light; to brighten; -- with up; as, the room lights up very well.

22. (superl.) Having little, or comparatively little, weight; not tending to the center of gravity with force; not heavy.

23. (superl.) Not burdensome; easy to be lifted, borne, or carried by physical strength; as, a light burden, or load.

24. (superl.) Easy to be endured or performed; not severe; not difficult; as, a light affliction or task.

25. (superl.) Easy to be digested; not oppressive to the stomach; as, light food; also, containing little nutriment.

26. (superl.) Not heavily armed; armed with light weapons; as, light troops; a troop of light horse.

27. (superl.) Not encumbered; unembarrassed; clear of impediments; hence, active; nimble; swift.

28. (superl.) Not heavily burdened; not deeply laden; not sufficiently ballasted; as, the ship returned light.

29. (superl.) Slight; not important; as, a light error.

30. (superl.) Well leavened; not heavy; as, light bread.

31. (superl.) Not copious or heavy; not dense; not inconsiderable; as, a light rain; a light snow; light vapors.

32. (superl.) Not strong or violent; moderate; as, a light wind.

33. (superl.) Not pressing heavily or hard upon; hence, having an easy, graceful manner; delicate; as, a light touch; a light style of execution.

34. (superl.) Easy to admit influence; inconsiderate; easily influenced by trifling considerations; unsteady; unsettled; volatile; as, a light, vain person; a light mind.

35. (superl.) Indulging in, or inclined to, levity; wanting dignity or solemnity; trifling; gay; frivolous; airy; unsubstantial.

36. (superl.) Not quite sound or normal; somewhat impaired or deranged; dizzy; giddy.

37. (superl.) Easily bestowed; inconsiderately rendered.

38. (superl.) Wanton; unchaste; as, a woman of light character.

39. (superl.) Not of the legal, standard, or usual weight; clipped; diminished; as, light coin.

40. (superl.) Loose; sandy; easily pulverized; as, a light soil.

41. (adv.) Lightly; cheaply.

42. (v. t.) To lighten; to ease of a burden; to take off.

43. (v. i.) To dismount; to descend, as from a horse or carriage; to alight; -- with from, off, on, upon, at, in.

44. (v. i.) To feel light; to be made happy.

45. (v. i.) To descend from flight, and rest, perch, or settle, as a bird or insect.

46. (v. i.) To come down suddenly and forcibly; to fall; -- with on or upon.

47. (v. i.) To come by chance; to happen; -- with on or upon; formerly with into.

ASA scale Anschauung British candle Hefner candle Mickey Mouse Paphian Scheiner scale Very flare abuse accented account acquaintance active aerial aeriform aery agile airish airlike airy alabaster alabastrine albescent alfresco alight allegorization alveolar amplitude amusing angle angle of vision ankle-deep announcement antelope antinode apical apico-alveolar apico-dental appear arrow articulated asinine aspect assail assault assimilated atmospheric attack attenuate attenuated aurora back balefire bank barytone basis bay bay window be exposed be revealed beacon beacon fire beacons beaming bearable beat belabor berate bilabial birdbrained birdwitted blond blue book blue darter blue streak bougie decimale bow window boyish brand break break of day breakable breezy briefing bright brighten brighten up brightening brightness brilliant bring to light brittle broad bubbly bulletin bump buoyant burn butane lighter cacuminal camp campy candle candle lumen candle power candle-foot candle-hour candle-meter candlelight cannonball carefree casement casement window casual catchpenny central cerebral chambering chance changeable chanticleer cheap-jack checked cheer up cheerful cigarette lighter clarification clarify clear climb down clobber close cloudless cobwebby cockcrow cocklight come across come down come in come out come to light comic communication communique configuration conflagrate considering consonant consonantal continuant coquettish corky counterglow courser crack of dawn cracking crash-land cream creamy crest crumbly cursory cushy dainty dart data datum dawn dawning day-peep daybreak daylight dayspring de Broglie wave debark debonair decimal candle decipherment decoding delicate delicately weak demonstration demythologization dental deplane depthless descend detrain develop diaphane diaphanous diffraction diluted dim directory disclose discover disembark dismiss dismount dispatch display case dissimilated ditch diverting dizzy dorsal downwind downy dun-white eagle easy easy as pie easygoing editing effect effeminate effortless effulgent eggshell eidolon electric light bulb electricity electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic wave elucidate elucidation emendation emerge empty empty-headed encounter endurable enkindle enlighten enlightenment entertaining epidermal eternity ethereal euhemerism evanescent evidence evolve exegesis exemplification explain explanation explication expose exposed exposition exposure meter expounding


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