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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lift.

2. (a.) Used in, or for, or by, lifting.

Walter Mitty ablation abrasion absence of mind absentmindedness absorption abstract abstract idea abstractedness abulia alienation altarpiece analysis annexation anxiety anxiety equivalent anxiety state apathy appropriation bemusement block print boosting bromide brown study castle-building catatonic stupor cliche close study collage color print commonplace compulsion concentration contemplativeness conversion conveyance copy cyclorama daub daydream daydreamer daydreaming deduction deep thought dejection depression depth of thought detachment diptych disarticulation disassociation disconnectedness disconnection discontinuity disengagement disjointing disjunction dislocation disunion division divorce divorcement doctrinairism doctrinality doctrinarity dream dreaming elation embezzlement emotionalism engraving engrossment erosion euphoria explanation fantasy fantasying filching fit of abstraction folie du doute fraud fresco general idea generalization generalized proposition glittering generality graft hackneyed expression hypochondria hysteria hysterics icon illumination illustration image incoherence indifference insensibility isolation lethargy liberation lieu commun lifting likeness locus communis luxation mania melancholia melancholy mental distress mere theory miniature montage mooning moonraking mosaic mural muse musefulness musing muted ecstasy obsession panorama parting partition pathological indecisiveness pensiveness photograph picture pilferage pilfering pinching pipe dream pipe-dreaming platitude poaching preoccupation print profound thought psychalgia psychomotor disturbance purification refinement reflectiveness removal representation reproduction reverie scrounging segmentation separation separatism shoplifting snatching sneak thievery snitching speculation speculativeness stained glass window stargazing stealage stealing stencil still life study stupor subdivision subduction sublation subtraction sweeping statement swindle swiping tableau taking away tapestry theft theoretic theoretical basis theoretics theoria theoric theorization theory thievery thieving thoughtfulness tic tired cliche trance triptych truism twitching unresponsiveness wall painting wistfulness withdrawal woolgathering zoning


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