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abate apostatize arrest backpedal backwater baffle baffled balk balked bamboozle bate bear down beguile betray betrayed bilk bilked blasted blighted bluff bolt brake break away bring low cajole cast down chapfallen cheat on check circumvent clip the wings conjure couch crestfallen cross crossed crushed curb dash dashed debase deceive decelerate defeat defeat expectation defeated defect deflate degenerate delay delude demit depress desert detain deteriorate detrude diddle disappoint disappointed disgrace dished disillusion disillusioned disimprove dissatisfied dissatisfy double-cross downbear draw rein droop dupe ease ease off ease up embarrass fall back foil foiled forestall frustrate frustrated gammon get around get worse grow worse gull haul down hoax hocus-pocus hold back hold in check hold up hornswaggle humble humbug humiliate ill done-by ill-served impede indent inform on juggle keep back let up let up on loose loosen lose ground lose momentum lose speed lower mitigate mock moderate mortify obstruct out of countenance outmaneuver outreach outsmart outwit overreach pigeon play one false press down pull down pull out push down put out put something over put to shame rat reduce reef regress regretful rein in relapse relax remit retard retrograde retrogress run out on secede sell out set back shame sicken sink slack slack off slack up slacken slake slip back slow slow down slow up snow sorely disappointed soured stay string along take down take in take in sail tantalize tease throttle down thrust down thwart thwarted trick turn in two-time unbend unbrace unlax unstrain unstring unwind worsen


Let Daylight In
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