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1. (a.) In accordance with law or with established standards; lawful; as, legitimate government; legitimate rights\; the legitimate succession to the throne; a legitimate proceeding of an officer; a legitimate heir.

2. (a.) Lawfully begotten; born in wedlock.

3. (a.) Authorized; real; genuine; not false, counterfeit, or spurious; as, legitimate poems of Chaucer; legitimate inscriptions.

4. (a.) Conforming to known principles, or accepted rules; as, legitimate reasoning; a legitimate standard, or method; a legitimate combination of colors.

5. (a.) Following by logical sequence; reasonable; as, a legitimate result; a legitimate inference.

6. (v. t.) To make legitimate, lawful, or valid; esp., to put in the position or state of a legitimate person before the law, by legal means; as, to legitimate a bastard child.

acceptable actionable actor-proof admissible all-star allowable applicable authentic authoritative authorize authorized ballet balletic binding bona fide by law candid card-carrying certify cinematic cinematographic cogent competent condonable consistent constitutional correct credible de jure defensible dinkum dispensable dramatic dramatical dramaturgic excusable exemptible expiable fair film filmic following the letter forgivable genuine good ham hammy histrionic honest honest-to-God inartificial inoffensive judicial juridical just justiciable justifiable kosher lawful lawmaking legal legalize legislative legit legitimatize legitimize legitimized licit lifelike literal logical melodramatic milked monodramatic movie natural naturalistic operatic original overacted overplayed pardonable permissible plausible proper pure rational real realistic reasonable remissible right rightful sanction sanctionable sanctioned sane scenic self-consistent sensible simon-pure simple sincere solid sound spectacular stagelike stageworthy stagy starstruck statutory stellar sterling substantial sufficient sure-enough theaterlike theatrical thespian thrown away TRUE true to life true to nature true to reality unadulterated unaffected unassumed unassuming uncolored unconcocted uncopied uncounterfeited underacted underplayed undisguised undisguising undistorted unexaggerated unfabricated unfanciful unfeigned unfeigning unfictitious unflattering unimagined unimitated uninvented unobjectionable unpretended unpretending unqualified unromantic unsimulated unspecious unsynthetic unvarnished valid validate vaudevillian venial verbal verbatim veridical verisimilar vindicable warrant warrantable weighty well-argued well-founded well-grounded wholesome within the law word-for-word


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