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Americanization OK acceptance access acculturation acknowledging acknowledgment acquisition adit admissibility admission fee admittance admitting adoption affidavit affiliation affirmation allegation allowance allowing anchorage appointment appreciation assertion asseveration assimilation assumption attest attestation averment avouchment avowal baptism brokerage carfare cellarage charge charges charter citizenship by naturalization citizenship papers completeness comprehension comprehensiveness comprisal compurgation conceding concession confession consent cover charge coverage culture shock declaration demand deposition derivation disclosure dispensation divulgement divulgence dockage dues eligibility embodiment embracement encompassment enlistment enrollment entrance entrance fee entree entry envisagement exaction exactment exhaustiveness fare fee getting hire immission import importation importing inauguration inclusion inclusiveness income incoming incorporation induction infiltration ingoing ingress ingression initiation input insertion insinuation installation instatement institution instrument in proof intake interpenetration introduction introgression intromission intrusion investiture leakage leave legal evidence liberty license license fee membership nationalization naturalization naturalized citizenship okay openness ordination owning owning up papers participation patent penetration percolation permission permission to enter pilotage portage profession receipt receival receiving reception recognition release revelation rite of confession salvage scot scot and lot seepage shot shrift special permission statement storage sworn evidence sworn statement sworn testimony taking tariff testimonial testimonium testimony ticket ticket of admission tolerance toleration toll towage unbosoming vouchsafement waiver way wharfage whole witness word


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