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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lean.

2. (n.) The act, or state, of inclining; inclination; tendency; as, a leaning towards Calvinism.

a thing for affinity an ear for an eye for angularity animus aptitude aptness aslant aslope atilt bag bent bevel beveled bias biased cant canted canting capacity for careening cast character chosen kind conatus conduciveness constitution cup of tea delight diathesis discrimination disposition druthers eagerness eccentricity fancy fascination favor favoritism feeling for felicity flair forejudgment genius for gift for grain heeling idiosyncrasy ill-balanced inclination inclinational inclinatory inclined inclining individualism inequality innate aptitude interest involvement jaundice jaundiced eye kidney lean leaning tower liability liking list listing lopsided make makeup mental set mettle mind mind-set mold mutual affinity mutual attraction nature nepotism off-balance one-sidedness out of plumb out of square overbalanced parti pris partialism partiality particular choice partisanism partisanship penchant personal choice pitch pitched preconception predilection predisposition preference preferential treatment prejudgment prejudice prepossession probability proclivity proneness propensity rake raking readiness recumbent sensitivity to set shelving shelvy sideling sidelong slant slanted slanting slantways slantwise slope sloped sloping soft spot stamp strain streak stripe style susceptibility swag sway sympathy taste temper temperament tendency tendent tendential tendentious tending thing tilt tilted tilting tip tipped tipping tipsy top-heavy tower of Pisa tropism turn turn for turn of mind twist type unbalanced undetachment undispassionateness unneutrality unstable unsteady warp weakness willingness


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