1. (n.) A measure of length or distance, varying in different countries from about 2.4 to 4.6 English statute miles of 5.280 feet each, and used (as a land measure) chiefly on the continent of Europe, and in the Spanish parts of America. The marine league of England and the United States is equal to three marine, or geographical, miles of 6080 feet each.

2. (n.) A stone erected near a public road to mark the distance of a league.

3. (n.) An alliance or combination of two or more nations, parties, or persons, for the accomplishment of a purpose which requires a continued course of action, as for mutual defense, or for furtherance of commercial, religious, or political interests, etc.

4. (v. i.) To unite in a league or confederacy; to combine for mutual support; to confederate.

5. (v. t.) To join in a league; to cause to combine for a joint purpose; to combine; to unite; as, common interests will league heterogeneous elements.

Anschluss Bund NATO Rochdale cooperative SEATO accouple accumulate act in concert act together addition affiliate affiliate with affiliation agglomeration agglutinate aggregation agreement alignment alliance ally amalgamate amalgamation amass anschluss articulate assemblage assemble assimilation associate association axis band band together be in cahoots be in league blend blending bloc body bond bracket bridge bridge over brotherhood bunch bunch up cabal cahoots capitulation cartel category cement cement a union centralization centralize chain circuit clap together clot club club together cluster coact coadunation coalesce coalescence coalition collaborate colleagueship collect college collegialism collegiality collude combination combine combo come into come together common market composition comprise comradeship concatenate concert concord concordat concur confederacy confederate confederation conference confraternity congeries conglobulate conglomeration congregate conjoin conjugate conjugation conjunction connect consociate consolidate consolidation conspiracy conspire consumer cooperative convention converge cooperate cooperative cooperative society copartnership copartnery copulate corps council couple cover credit union creep in crowd customs union date division do business with economic community ecumenism embodiment embrace encompass encompassment enlist enosis enroll entente entente cordiale enter federalization federalize federate federation fellowship flock together flow together forgather fraternalism fraternity fraternization free trade area freemasonry fuse fusion gang gang around gang up gather gather around get heads together get into get together glue go in partners go in partnership go into go partners grade group grouping guild hang together harmonize herd together hive hold together hook up hook up with hookup horde huddle include inclusion incorporation integration international agreement join join forces join fortunes with join in join together join up join up with join with junction junta keep together knot lay together league together league with link loop lump together machine make common cause marriage marry marshal mass meet meld melding merge merger mill mob mobilize muster mutual-defense treaty nonaggression pact order organize package package deal paction pair pair off partner partnership piece together pigeonhole play ball political machine pull together put heads together put together rally rally around reciprocate rendezvous ring seethe sign on sign up sneak in society sodality solder solidification sorority span splice stand together


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