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John Hancock X accent accent mark account affection aim alphabet alphabetize amount ampersand analyze anatomize angle brackets animadvert apostrophe appoint appraise appreciate approve argue aroma assess assign asterisk atomize attaint attend attend to attention attest attribute autograph autolithograph backlash backwash badge banner bar basis for belief be a printmaker be characteristic be indicative of be significant of be symptomatic of beat the drum bedaub behold bench mark besmear besmirch besmoke bespeak bestain betoken birthmark blacken blaze blaze a trail blemish blood bloodstain blot blotch blow the trumpet blur body of evidence bookmark border line bound boundary boundary condition boundary line bourn braces bracket brand break boundary breakoff point breathe breed breve bruise bullet butt by-end by-purpose cachet cairn caliber call cancel capitalize carve cast caste mark catstone cedilla ceiling celebrate centered dot chain of evidence chalk chalk up change character characteristic characterize check check off checkmark chip chisel chop logic christcross chump cicatrix cicatrize cipher circumscription clan class client clout clue cognizance colon color comma commemorate compass concern concernment configuration confine conjugate connote consequence consequentiality consideration conspicuousness correct countermark countersign countersignature counterstamp crease cribble criterion cross crosshatch cull customer custos cut cutoff cutoff point dab dagger dapple darken dash data datum daub deadline decimal point decline decrease define degree delimit delimitation demarcate demonstrate denominate denomination denote dent describe description designate designation destinate destination destine desynonymize determinant determine devaluate devalue device devote diaeresis diagonal difference differentia differential differentiate dignity direct dirty discern disclose discolor discoloration discount discriminate disequalize disjoin display distinction distinctive feature distinguish diversify divide division line documentation doom dot dress ship duty earmark effect elect elevation ellipsis emblem eminence emphasis enchase end end in view endorsement engrave engraving entail estimate evaluate evidence evince exaltation excellence exclamation mark exhibit express expression mark extent extremity eyesore fact facts fall guy fate


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