1. (v.) To set or place; also, the past tense of lie\.

2. (a.) of or pertaining to the laity, as distinct from the clergy; as, a lay person; a lay preacher; a lay brother.

3. (a.) Not educated or cultivated; ignorant.

4. (a.) Not belonging to, or emanating from, a particular profession; unprofessional; as, a lay opinion regarding the nature of a disease.

5. (n.) The laity; the common people.

6. (n.) A meadow. See Lea.

7. (n.) Faith; creed; religious profession.

8. (n.) A law.

9. (n.) An obligation; a vow.

10. (n.) A song; a simple lyrical poem; a ballad.

11. (n.) A melody; any musical utterance.

12. (v. t.) To cause to lie down, to be prostrate, or to lie against something; to put or set down; to deposit; as, to lay a book on the table; to lay a body in the grave; a shower lays the dust.

13. (v. t.) To place in position; to establish firmly; to arrange with regularity; to dispose in ranks or tiers; as, to lay a corner stone; to lay bricks in a wall; to lay the covers on a table.

14. (v. t.) To prepare; to make ready; to contrive; to provide; as, to lay a snare, an ambush, or a plan.

15. (v. t.) To spread on a surface; as, to lay plaster or paint.

16. (v. t.) To cause to be still; to calm; to allay; to suppress; to exorcise, as an evil spirit.

17. (v. t.) To cause to lie dead or dying.

18. (v. t.) To deposit, as a wager; to stake; to risk.

19. (v. t.) To bring forth and deposit; as, to lay eggs.

20. (v. t.) To apply; to put.

21. (v. t.) To impose, as a burden, suffering, or punishment; to assess, as a tax; as, to lay a tax on land.

22. (v. t.) To impute; to charge; to allege.

23. (v. t.) To impose, as a command or a duty; as, to lay commands on one.

24. (v. t.) To present or offer; as, to lay an indictment in a particular county; to lay a scheme before one.

25. (v. t.) To state; to allege; as, to lay the venue.

26. (v. t.) To point; to aim; as, to lay a gun.

27. (v. t.) To put the strands of (a rope, a cable, etc.) in their proper places and twist or unite them; as, to lay a cable or rope.

28. (v. t.) To place and arrange (pages) for a form upon the imposing stone.

29. (v. t.) To place (new type) properly in the cases.

30. (v. i.) To produce and deposit eggs.

31. (v. i.) To take a position; to come or go; as, to lay forward; to lay aloft.

32. (v. i.) To lay a wager; to bet.

33. (n.) That which lies or is laid or is conceived of as having been laid or placed in its position; a row; a stratum; a layer; as, a lay of stone or wood.

34. (n.) A wager.

35. (n.) A job, price, or profit.

36. (v. t.) A share of the proceeds or profits of an enterprise; as, when a man ships for a whaling voyage, he agrees for a certain lay.

37. (n.) A measure of yarn; a lea. See 1st Lea (a).

38. (n.) The lathe of a loom. See Lathe, 3.

39. (n.) A plan; a scheme.

40. (imp.) of Lie

Brautlied Christmas carol Kunstlied Liebeslied Volkslied abate accredit address advance aim air alba align allay allege alleviate anesthetize ante ante up anthem appease aria art song aspect assign assuage attemper attitude attribute aubade azimuth back ball ballad ballade ballata bank the fire barcarole be intimate bearing bearings bent benumb bet bet on blues blues song blunt board boat song boom bridal hymn brindisi burden with call calm calypso canso canticle canto cantus canzone canzonet canzonetta carol cast cast loose cast out devils cavatina celestial navigation chanson chant chantey charge chasten cite civil clap on ratlines clear hawse cohabit come together commit adultery conciliate congregational constrain control cool copulate couple course cover crawl credit croon croon song current cushion cut loose dab damp dampen de-emphasize dead reckoning deaden deaden the pain defuse demand deposit descant diapason diddle diminish direction direction line dirge ditty downplay drag dress drift drinking song drop dub dulcify dull ease ease matters enjoin epithalamium equalize establish even exact exorcise exposure extenuate fade fasten upon fell fix flatten flush folk song foment fornicate freight with frig frontage gamble game give relief grade grease grovel harrow haul haul down have sex have sexual relations hazard heading heave heave apeak heave round heave short helmsmanship hymeneal hymn impose impose on impose upon impute inclination incline inflict on inflict upon kedge keep within bounds laic laical lay a wager lay aloft lay down lay flat lay ghosts lay level lay low lay on lay out lay the dust lenify lessen level levy lie lie down lie flat lie limply lie prone lie prostrate lie with lied lighten lilt line line of direction line of march line of position lodge log loll lounge love song love-lilt lubricate lull make a bet make it with make love make out mate matin measure meet a bet melodia melodic line melody minstrel song minstrelsy mitigate moderate modulate mollify mount mow national anthem navigation nonclerical nonecclesiastical nonministerial nonordained nonpastoral nonreligious note numb obtund offer oil orientation pacify pad palliate park parlay


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