(a.) Not visible or apparent; hidden; dormant; inactive; as latent energy or heat\.

abeyant abstruse apathetic arcane beclouded behind the curtain behind the scenes between the lines blind buried cabalistic camouflaged cataleptic catatonic censored classified close closed clouded concealed covered covert cryptic dark dead delitescent disguised dopey dormant dull eclipsed enigmatic esoteric flat foul groggy heavy hermetic hibernating hid hidden hush-hush idle immature imperceptible in a cloud in a fog in abeyance in eclipse in purdah in suspense in the wings inactive incommunicado indiscernible inert insensible invisible languid languorous leaden lifeless logy lurking muffled mysterious mystic obfuscated obscure obscured occult out of sight passive phlegmatic possible potential quiescent recondite restricted secluded secluse secret sedentary sequestered sightless slack sleeping sluggish slumbering smoldering smothered stagnant standing static stifled submerged suppressed suspended tame top secret torpid ulterior unapparent unaroused unbeheld unbeholdable unbreatheable under an eclipse under cover under house arrest under security under the surface under wraps underground underlying undiscernible undisclosable undisclosed undivulgable undivulged unknown unmanifested unmatured unnoticed unobserved unperceivable unperceived unrealized unrevealable unrevealed unripe unseeable unseen unspoken untellable untold unutterable unuttered unviewed unwhisperable unwitnessed veiled viewless virtual wrapped in clouds


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