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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Last.

2. (a.) Existing or continuing a long while; enduring; as, a lasting good or evil; a lasting color.

3. (n.) Continuance; endurance.

4. (n.) A species of very durable woolen stuff, used for women's shoes; everlasting.

5. (n.) The act or process of shaping on a last.

6. (adv.) In a lasting manner.

abiding adamantine age-long aged alive ancient antique assiduous bulky cartilaginous changeless chewy chronic chronological cohesive constant continual continuing continuous coriaceous dense diligent diuturnal dogged drawn-out durable durational durative eidetic endless enduring eternal evergreen everlasting extended faithful fibrous firm fixed fresh frozen green gristly hard hardy heavy immobile immutable inalterable incessant incommutable inconvertible indefatigable indefeasible indelible indissoluble indomitable industrious inert insistent insusceptible of change intact interminable intransient intransmutable invariable inveterate invincible inviolate irretrievable irreversible irrevocable kept in remembrance languishing leatherlike leathery lengthened lingering long long-continuing long-drawn long-drawn-out long-lasting long-lived long-pending long-standing long-term long-winded longeval longevous loyal macrobiotic marathon massive never-tiring noble nonreturnable nonreversible obstinate of long duration of long standing old overlong patient patient as Job perdurable perduring perennial permanent perpetual perseverant persevering persistent persisting pertinacious plodding plugging preoccupied prolonged protracted quiescent rapt recalled recollected relentless remaining remembered resistant resolute retained reverseless rigid ropy rugged sedulous sempervirent sempiternal sinewy single-minded sleepless slogging solid sound spun-out stable static stationary staying steadfast steady stiff stout stretched-out stringy strong stubborn sturdy sustained temporal tenacious tireless torpid tough tough as leather unabating unalterable unalterative unaltered unceasing unchangeable unchanged unchanging unchecked unconquerable undaunted undeflectable undestroyed undeviating undiscouraged undrooping undying unfading unfailing unfaltering unflagging unflinching unforgotten unintermitting uninterrupted unmodifiable unnodding unrelaxing unrelenting unremitting unrestorable unreturnable unshifting unsleeping unsusceptible unswerving untiring unvariable unvaried unvarying unwavering unwearied unwearying unwinking unyielding utterly attentive vigorous viscid vital vivid weariless well-built well-constructed well-founded well-grounded well-made wiry


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