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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Languish.

2. (a.) Becoming languid and weak; pining; losing health and strength.

3. (a.) Amorously pensive; as, languishing eyes, or look.

Heimweh aching adoring affectionate bowed-down cachectic cachexia cachexy cast down chronic ill health coming apart conjugal contractive cracking crumbling dashed debilitated debilitation debility decadent declining decreasing decrepitude decrescendo decrescent degenerate dejected delicacy delicate health deliquescent demonstrative depressed desiderium despairing despondent desponding deteriorating devoted diminishing diminuendo discouraged disheartened disintegrating dispirited down downcast downhearted drained draining drawn-out drooping droopy dwindling ebbing effete enervated enervation enfeebled exhausted exhaustion extended fading failing faineant faithful falling feeble feebleness feeling low filial flagging fond fragility fragmenting frail frailty going to pieces hankering healthless healthlessness heartless homesick homesickness honing husbandly hypochondria hypochondriac hypochondriacal hypochondriasis ill health in low spirits in poor health in the depths in the doldrums in the dumps indolent infirm infirmity interminable invalid invalidism invalidity lackadaisical languishment languorous lasting lengthened lessening limp lingering listless long long-continuing long-drawn long-drawn-out long-pending long-winded longing lovelorn lovesick lovesome loving low low-spirited mal du pays maladie du pays marathon marcescent maternal melting morbidity morbidness moribund nostalgia nostalgic nostomania on the wane overlong pale parental paternal peaked peakedness peaky pessimistic pining poor health prolonged protracted reduced reduced in health reductive regressive retrograde retrogressive romantic run-down sentimental shriveling sickliness sickly sinking sliding slipping slumping soft spiritless spun-out stretched-out subdued subsiding suicidal tabetic tender unhealthiness unhealthy unsound unsoundness unwholesomeness uxorious valetudinarian valetudinarianism valetudinary waning wasting weakened weakliness weakly weary of life wifely wilting wishful wistful with low resistance withering woebegone world-weary worsening yearnful yearning yen


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