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(a.) Pertaining to, or like, a labyrinth; labyrinthal.

Byzantine Gongoresque Johnsonian aberrant aberrative affected ambagious anamorphous anfractuous askew asymmetric balled up bedizened bent big-sounding billowing billowy bowed circuitous circumlocutory cockeyed complex complicated confounded confused contorted convoluted convolutional crabbed crazy crooked crumpled crunched curvaceous curvate curvated curve curved curvesome curviform curvilineal curvilinear curving curvy daedal declamatory departing desultory deviant deviating deviative deviatory devious digressive discursive distorted elaborate elevated embrangled entangled errant erratic euphuistic excursive flamboyant flaming flashy flaunting flexuose flexuous fouled up fulsome garish gaudy geosynclinal gordian grandiloquent grandiose grandisonant high-flowing high-flown high-flying high-sounding highfalutin implicated incurvate incurvated incurved incurving indirect inkhorn intricate involute involuted involutional involved irregular knotted knotty labyrinthian lexiphanic lofty lopsided loused up lurid magniloquent many-faceted matted mazy meandering meandrous meretricious messed up mixed up mucked up multifarious nonsymmetric one-sided orotund ostentatious out-of-the-way overdone overelaborate overinvolved overwrought pedantic perplexed planetary pompous pretentious rambling ramified recurvate recurvated recurved recurving rhetorical rivose rivulose roundabout roving ruffled screwed up sensational sensationalistic sententious serpentine shifting showy sinuate sinuose sinuous snaky snarled sonorous sophisticated sprung stilted stray subtle swerving tall tangled tangly torsional tortile tortuous turning twisted twisting twisty undirected undulant unsymmetric vagrant veering wandering warped wavy whorled winding wreathlike wreathy zigzag


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