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(n.) A member of a secret political organization in the United States, the chief objects of which were the proscription of foreigners by the repeal of the naturalization laws, and the exclusive choice of native Americans for office.

Latinate all thumbs blankminded blunderheaded blundering bombastic boorish bulky bumbling bungling butterfingered callow careless clownish clumsy clumsy-fisted confused contrary cramped crosswise crushing cumbersome cumbrous dangerous delicate difficult discomfited discommodious disconcerted disconcerting disturbing dumb elephantine embarrassed embarrassing empty empty-headed fingers all thumbs forced formal fumbling gauche gawkish gawky graceless green groping guinde halting ham-fisted ham-handed hazardous heavy heavy-handed hulking hulky humiliating ignorant ill at ease ill-chosen impractical inane incommodious inconvenient inefficient inelegant inept inexperienced inexpert inkhorn innocent know-nothing labored leaden left-hand left-handed loutish lubberly lumbering lumpish lumpy maladroit massive massy mortifying naive nescient oafish out of place perilous perverse pompous ponderous precarious raw rigid risky sensitive sesquipedalian shamefaced simple sloppy splay sticky stiff stilted strange to tentative ticklish touchy tricky troublesome trying turgid unacquainted unapprized uncomfortable uncomprehending unconversant uncouth undexterous uneasy unenlightened unfamiliar unfortunate ungainly ungraceful unhandy unhappy unilluminated uninformed uninitiated unintelligent unknowing unmanageable unpleasant unposted unripe unskilled unskillful unsure unversed unwieldy vacuous wooden


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