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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Knot.

2. (a.) Full of knots; having knots knurled; as, a knotted cord; the knotted oak.

3. (a.) Interwoven; matted; entangled.

4. (a.) Having intersecting lines or figures.

5. (a.) Characterized by small, detached points, chiefly composed of mica, less decomposable than the mass of the rock, and forming knots in relief on the weathered surface; as, knotted rocks.

6. (a.) Entangled; puzzling; knotty.

Byzantine Herculean abstruse accumulated affiliate affiliated agglomerate aggregate alike allied amassed arduous assembled associate associated at par au pair balled up banded together bound bracketed brutal bunched bundled burled clumped clustered cockled cockly collateral collected combined commensurate complex complicated confounded confused conglomerate congregate congregated conjoined conjugate connected convoluted copulate correlated corrugate corrugated coupled crabbed creased crimped crimpy crinkled crinkly critical crumpled cumulate daedal delicate demanding devious difficile difficult drawn elaborate embrangled entangled equal equalized even even stephen exacting fascicled fasciculated fifty-fifty formidable fouled up furrowed gathered glomerate gnarled gnarly hairy half-and-half hand-in-glove hand-in-hand hard hard-earned hard-fought heaped implicated in session incorporated integrated interlinked interlocked interrelated intimate intricate involuted involved jawbreaking joined joint knitted knobbed knobbly knobby knoblike knotty knurled knurly laborious labyrinthian labyrinthine leagued level like linked loused up lumped lumpy many-faceted massed matched mated matted mazy mean meandering meeting merged messed up mixed up mucked up multifarious nip and tuck no picnic nodal noded nodiform nodose nodular nodulated noduled not easy nubbled nubbly nubby of that ilk of that kind on a footing on a level on a par on even ground operose packaged paired par parallel perplexed piled proportionate puckered puckery pursed pursy quits ramified related ridged rigorous rimpled rippled rough roundabout rucked rugged rugose rugous rumpled screwed up set with thorns severe snarled spiny spliced square stacked stalemated steep strenuous studded subtle tangled tangly thorny ticklish tied toilsome torose tough tricky tubercular tuberculous tuberose tuberous twinned twisted undivided united unseparated uphill wed wedded wicked wrapped up wrinkled wrinkly yoked


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