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1. (n.) The rank, quality, state, or attributes of a king; royal authority; sovereign power; rule; dominion; monarchy.

2. (n.) The territory or country subject to a king or queen; the dominion of a monarch; the sphere in which one is king or has control.

3. (n.) An extensive scientific division distinguished by leading or ruling characteristics; a principal division; a department; as, the mineral kingdom.

ally animal kingdom antonomasia archduchy archdukedom area bailiwick binomial nomenclature biological classification biosystematics biosystematy biotype body politic branch buffer state captive nation chain of being chieftaincy chieftainry city-state class class structure classification colony commonweal commonwealth country county domain dominion duchy dukedom earldom empery empire establishment family field free city genotype genus glossology grand duchy hierarchy land mandant mandate mandated territory mandatee mandatory mineral kingdom monarchy nation nationality natural hierarchy nomenclature onomastics onomatology order orismology pecking order phylum place-names place-naming polis polity polyonymy possession power power structure principality principate protectorate province puppet government puppet regime pyramid realm republic satellite section seneschalty series settlement sovereign nation sovereignty species sphere of influence state subclass subfamily subgenus subkingdom suborder subspecies subtribe sultanate superclass superfamily superorder superpower superspecies systematics taxonomy terminology territory toparchia toparchy toponymy tribe trinomialism turf variety vegetable kingdom


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