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1. (n.) The legal power or right of an authority to handle a particular case\; judicial authority over a cause or class of causes; as, certain suits or actions, or the cognizance of certain crimes, are within the jurisdiction of a particular court, that is, within the limits of its authority or commission.

2. (n.) The authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate; the right of making or enforcing laws; the power or right of exercising authority.

3. (a.) Sphere of authority; the limits within which any particular power may be exercised, or within which a government or a court has authority.

accountability acme actionability administration agency agentship ambit applicability area arena ascendancy assignment auspices authority authorization bailiwick be-all and end-all beat blue ribbon border borderland bossing bounds brevet care championship charge circle circuit claws clutches command commission commissioning commitment compass confines consignment constitutional validity constitutionalism constitutionality control cure custodianship custody delegated authority delegation demesne department deputation devolution devolvement directorship disposition district domain domination dominion due process effectiveness embassy empery empire empowerment entrusting entrustment errand executorship exequatur eye factorship field first place first prize full power governance government grasp grip gripe guardianship guidance hand hands headship hegemony height helm hemisphere highest hold imperium influence intendance iron hand judicial circuit justice justiciability keeping kingship lawfulness leadership legal form legal process legalism legality legation legitimacy legitimateness license licitness lieutenancy limits lordship management mandate march mastership mastery maximum might ministry mission most ne plus ultra new high office orb orbit oversight pale palms paramountcy pastorage pastorate pastorship patronage plenipotentiary power power power of attorney power to act precinct prerogative presidency primacy procuration protectorship province proxy purview raj range reach realm record regency regentship regnancy reign reins of government responsibility rightfulness round rule safe hands say scope sovereignty sphere sphere of influence stewardship strings superintendence supervision supremacy surveillance sway talons task territory top spot trust trusteeship tutelage validity vicarious authority walk ward wardenship wardship warrant watch and ward wing zenith


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