1. (n.) One who makes jokes or jests.

2. (n.) See Bower.

Adamite Artful Dodger Casanova Don Juan Machiavel Machiavelli Machiavellian ace actor artful dodge artifice astonishment bad boy bag of tricks bamboozler banana bastard befuddler beguiler being best bower bill bird blind block blockade blockbuster blow bluff body bomb bombshell booger bosey bottleneck boundary condition bower buffoon bugger burlesquer calendar card cards caricaturist cat catch catch-22 chap character charmer chicanery chouse clause clown clubs comedian comedienne comic companion bills amendment condition cordon counterfeiter creature crux curtain curve curve-ball customer cutup deceiver deck deluder design determent deterrent deuce device devil diamonds difficulty dirty deal dirty trick dissembler dissimulator dodge dodger donnee double-dealer dragnet clause drawback droll duck dummy duper earthling earthshaker elf enacting clause enchanter enfant terrible entrancer epigrammatist escalator clause escape clause escape hatch eye-opener face cards faker farceur fast deal feint feller fellow fetch ficelle fine print flush fooler forger full house funmaker funnyman gag writer gagman gagster gambit gay deceiver gimmick given googly groundling grounds guy hand hang-up hazard head hearts hitch hoaxer hocus-pocus hold-up bill homo hood hoodlum hooligan human human being humorist hurdle hypnotizer imp individual ironist jack jasper jester jilt jilter jokesmith jokester juggle kicker kidder king knave lad lampooner left bower leg-puller life limiting condition little devil little monkey little rascal living soul madcap man mesmerizer minx mischief mischief-maker misleader mortal motion nose objection obligation obstacle obstruction obstructive omnibus bill one one small difficulty pack pair parameter parodist party pass peripeteia person personage personality picture cards pinch pitfall pixie plagiarist plagiarizer playactor playing cards ploy practical joker prankster prerequisite privileged question provision provisions proviso puck punner punster queen question quipster ragger rapscallion rascal reparteeist requisite revelation rider rogue role-player round rowdy royal flush rub rubber ruff ruffian ruse satirist saving clause scamp scapegrace scheme scurvy trick seducer shift shocker sine qua non single


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