(imp. & p. p.) of Join.

accessory accompanying accumulated adjacent adjoining affiliate affiliated agglomerate aggregate allied amalgamated amassed articulated assembled assimilated associate associated attendant attending banded together blended bordering bound bracketed bunched bundled catenated ceaseless clumped clustered coincident collateral collected combinative combinatory combined compact comprehensive concatenated concomitant concurrent conglomerate congregate congregated conjoined conjoint conjugate conjunct conjunctive connected connecting connective consecutive consistent consolidated constant conterminous contiguous continual continued continuing continuous copulate corporate correlated correlative coterminous coupled cumulate cyclical direct eclectic end to end endless endways endwise face to face fascicled fasciculated featureless fellow fused gapless gathered glomerate hand-in-glove hand-in-hand heaped immediate implicated in session incessant inclusive incorporated integrated interlinked interlocked interminable interrelated intimate involved joint jointless juxtaposed juxtapositional juxtapositive knotted leagued linked lumped massed matched mated meeting merged mixed monotonous mutual neighbor neighboring never-ending next nonstop of that ilk of that kind one orderly packaged paired parallel perennial periodic piled recurrent related repetitive round-the-clock running seamless sequent sequential serial serried simultaneous smooth spliced stable stacked steady straight syncretistic syncretized synthesized tied tight twenty-four-hour twin twinned unbroken unceasing undifferentiated undivided unending uniform unintermitted unintermittent unintermitting uninterrupted united unrelieved unremitting unseparated unstopped wed wedded wrapped up yoked


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