1. (n.) The act of passing or flowing out; a moving out from any enclosed place; egress; as, the issue of water from a pipe, of blood from a wound, of air from a bellows, of people from a house.

2. (n.) The act of sending out, or causing to go forth; delivery; issuance; as, the issue of an order from a commanding officer; the issue of money from a treasury.

3. (n.) That which passes, flows, or is sent out; the whole quantity sent forth or emitted at one time; as, an issue of bank notes; the daily issue of a newspaper.

4. (n.) Progeny; a child or children; offspring. In law, sometimes, in a general sense, all persons descended from a common ancestor; all lineal descendants.

5. (n.) Produce of the earth, or profits of land, tenements, or other property; as, A conveyed to B all his right for a term of years, with all the issues, rents, and profits.

6. (n.) A discharge of flux, as of blood.

7. (n.) An artificial ulcer, usually made in the fleshy part of the arm or leg, to produce the secretion and discharge of pus for the relief of some affected part.

8. (n.) The final outcome or result; upshot; conclusion; event; hence, contest; test; trial.

9. (n.) A point in debate or controversy on which the parties take affirmative and negative positions; a presentation of alternatives between which to choose or decide.

10. (n.) In pleading, a single material point of law or fact depending in the suit, which, being affirmed on the one side and denied on the other, is presented for determination. See General issue, under General, and Feigned issue, under Feigned.

11. (v. i.) To pass or flow out; to run out, as from any enclosed place.

12. (v. i.) To go out; to rush out; to sally forth; as, troops issued from the town, and attacked the besiegers.

13. (v. i.) To proceed, as from a source; as, water issues from springs; light issues from the sun.

14. (v. i.) To proceed, as progeny; to be derived; to be descended; to spring.

15. (v. i.) To extend; to pass or open; as, the path issues into the highway.

16. (v. i.) To be produced as an effect or result; to grow or accrue; to arise; to proceed; as, rents and profits issuing from land, tenements, or a capital stock.

17. (v. i.) To close; to end; to terminate; to turn out; as, we know not how the cause will issue.

18. (v. i.) In pleading, to come to a point in fact or law, on which the parties join issue.

19. (v. t.) To send out; to put into circulation; as, to issue notes from a bank.

20. (v. t.) To deliver for use; as, to issue provisions.

21. (v. t.) To send out officially; to deliver by authority; as, to issue an order; to issue a writ.

accomplishment accord activity administer affair afford airing allot allow announce answer appear argue arise artifact ascertainment at issue attend award back number bail out bandying basis be born be off become become manifest become of become public become visible bench mark bestow bestow on bestrew birth bone of contention book brainchild break break cover break forth break out break through breakout breed bring out broadcast broadcasting brood bruiting bruiting about burden burst forth buzz about by-product campaign cardinal point case catechism cause chapter chief thing child children circulate circulation circumfuse clearing up climax coinage collection come come about come after come forth come forward come in sight come of come out come to be come to hand come to light commitment communicate composition concern conclusion concoction confer consequence consequent consummation contend controversy copy core cornerstone corollary course cracking creation creature crisis critical point crop out crop up cross-interrogatory cross-question crowning achievement crusade crux culmination daughters deal deal out debating point debouch debouchment decipherment declaration of policy declare decoding deliver deliverance delivery demand demonetize denouement derivation derivative descendants descent determination devaluate devalue develop development diffract diffuse diffusion disagree disburse discharge disembogue disentanglement dish out dispense disperse displace display dispose dispread dispute disseminate dissemination distillate distillation distribute distribution diverge dole dole out donate drive ebb edition effect efflux effuse egress emanate emanation emerge emergence emersion emission emit end end product end result engrave ensue enter erupt escape escapism essence essential essential matter evasion event eventuality eventuate eventuation evulgation exit explanation extend extract extrication extrude extrusion fade in faith fall out family fan out fare feeler fight find vent finding finding-out flight float flood flotation flow flow back flow in flow out flush fly about focus of attention focus of interest folks follow follow after follow up fork out freeing fruit fundamental get get about get abroad get afloat get around get exposure get off get out get to be getaway gift gift with gist give give forth give freely give off give out go about go after go forth


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