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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Isolate.

2. (a.) Placed or standing alone; detached; separated from others.

abandoned alien alienated alone aloof anchoretical anomalous anonymous apart archipelagian archipelagic at rest calm cloistered closet companionless cool cordoned cordoned off cut off deserted detached disarticulated disconnected discrete disengaged disjoined disjoint disjointed disjunct dislocated dispersed disrelated dissociated disunited divided divorced dwindling ebbing estranged even-tenored exceptional excluded exotic extraneous foreign forlorn forsaken friendless halcyon hermitical hidden homeless hushed impassive in a backwater incognito incommensurable incomparable independent individual inmost innermost insular insulated interior intimate inward irrelative island island-dotted islanded islandish islandlike islandy isleted isolate kithless lone lonely lonesome moldering monastic other out-of-the-way out-of-the-world outlandish pacific particular peaceable peaceful personal placid private privy quarantined quiescent quiet remote removed reposeful reposing restful resting retired rootless roped off scattered seagirt sealed off secluded secret segregate segregated separate separated sequestered sequestrated set apart sheltered shut off single single-handed singular smooth solitary solo special still still as death stillish stilly stoic stolid stranded strange subsiding tranquil unabetted unaccompanied unaffiliated unagitated unaided unallied unassisted unassociated unattended unconnected undisturbed unescorted unfrequented unique unmoved unperturbed unrelatable unrelated unruffled unseconded unstirring unsupported untroubled unvisited waning withdrawn


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