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(a.) That can not be successfully withstood or opposed\; superior to opposition; resistless; overpowering; as, an irresistible attraction.

absolute adducible admissible alluring appealing appetizing armipotent attestative attestive attractive authentic authoritative based on beguiling bewitching blandishing cajoling captivating catching certain charismatic charming circumstantial coactive coaxing cogent come-hither compelling comprehensive compulsatory compulsive compulsory conclusive consequential considerable constraining convincing coquettish cumulative damning decisive deep delightful determinative documentary documented driving dynamic effective enchanting energetic engaging enravishing enthralling enticing entrancing evidential evidentiary ex parte exciting exhaustive exotic exquisite eye-witness factual fascinating fated fateful fetching final firsthand flirtatious forceful forcible founded on full glamorous grand grave great grounded on hearsay heart-robbing heavy high-potency high-powered high-pressure high-tension hypnotic impenetrable imperative imperious implicit impregnable in force in power incontestable incontrovertible indefeasible indicative indisputable indomitable ineluctable inescapable inevasible inevitable inexorable inexpugnable inflexible insuperable intense interesting intriguing invincible inviolable inviting invulnerable irrefutable irrepressible irrevocable lovely luxurious main material maximum mesmeric mighty mighty in battle mouth-watering necessary nuncupative operative overpowering overriding overwhelming piquant plenary potent powerful prepossessing prepotent pressing presumptive probative provocative provoquant puissant ravishing relentless reliable resistless restraining ruling seducing seductive sensuous serious significant siren sirenic spellbinding spellful striking strong suggestive sure sure as death sure as fate symptomatic taking tantalizing teasing telling tempting thrilling tickling titillating titillative total unassailable unavoidable unbearable unbeatable unconquerable uncontrollable undeflectable ungovernable unmanageable unpreventable unstoppable unsubduable unsurmountable unyielding valid vigorous vital voluptuous weighty winning winsome witching


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