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(n.) The state or quality of being irreducible.

Bund Rochdale cooperative accompaniment accord accordance addition adjunct admixture affairs affiliation affinity agglomeration agglutination aggregate aggregation agreement alignment alliance alloy alloyage amalgam amalgamation approximation array articulation assemblage assembly association axis band blend blending bloc body bond bracketing brew building buildup cabal cahoots call-up canvass cartel census circle clique closeness clustering co-working coaction coadunation coalescence coalition coincidence collaboration colleagueship collection collectivity college collegialism collegiality colligation collocation colloid collusion combine combined effort combo comminglement commingling commixture common market communication comparison composite composition compound comradeship concatenation concert concerted action concoction concomitance concordance concourse concurrence confection confederacy confederation confluence conflux confraternity congeries conglomerate conglomeration congregation conjugation conjunction connectedness connection consilience consolidation consortium conspiracy constitution construction consumer cooperative contiguity contrariety convergence cooperation cooperative cooperative society copartnership copartnery copulation corps corralling correspondence coterie council coupling credit union customs union data-gathering dealings decoction decoctum deduction disjunction eclecticism economic community embodiment emulsion ensemble fabrication faction fashioning federation fellowship filiation formation fraternalism fraternity fraternization free trade area freemasonry fusion gang gathering getup group grouping homology hookup identification identity immixture inclusion incorporation individuality indivisibility ingathering intactness integrality integration integrity intercommunication intercourse interfusion interlarding interlardment interlinking interminglement intermingling intermixture intimacy inventory inviolability irreducibility joinder joining jointure junction juxtaposition knotting league liaison link linkage linking machine magma make makeup marriage meeting melding mergence merger merging mingling mix mixing mixture mob mobilization mosaic muster mutual attraction nearness oneness organic unity organization pairing parasitism particularity partnership party paste patchwork piecing together pluralism political machine pool propinquity proximity purity putting together rapport relatedness relation relations relationship ring rodeo roundup saprophytism selfsameness set setup shaping similarity simplicity simultaneity singleness singularity society sodality solidarity solidification solidity solution


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