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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Involve.

2. (a.) Same as Involute.

Byzantine a party to absorbed absorbed in accessory accused active affected affiliate affiliated allied arraignable arraigned associate associated assumed at fault balled up biased blamed bound bound up with bracketed burdened with debt buried in caught up in censurable charged cited collateral complex complicated comprehended comprised concerned confounded confused confusing conjugate connected contemplating contemplative convoluted correlated coupled covered crabbed criminal culpable daedal deep in debt denounced devious devoted devoted to elaborate embarrassed embraced embrangled encompassed encumbered engaged engrossed engrossed in enmeshed entangled envisaged faulty fouled up gordian guilty hinted immersed in impeachable impeached implicated implied impugned in complicity in debt in difficulties in embarrassed circumstances in hock in the hole in the red included incriminated inculpated indebted indicated indictable indicted inferred influenced intent intent on interested interlinked interlocked interrelated intimated intricate involuted joined knotted knotty labyrinthian labyrinthine linked lost in loused up many-faceted matted mazy meandering meant meditating meditative messed up mixed up monomaniacal monopolized mortgaged mucked up muddled multifarious obsessed occupied of that ilk of that kind one-sided parallel partaking partial participant participating participative participatory partisan peccant perplexed plunged in debt preoccupied presumed presupposed ramified related reprehensible reproachable reproached reprovable roundabout screwed up sharing single-minded snarled sophisticated spliced studious studying submerged in subtle suggested supposed swayed swept up taken up with tangled tangly tasked taxed tied tied up to blame tortuous totally absorbed twinned twisted under attack under fire undetached undispassionate unneutral warped wed wedded wrapped in wrapped up in yoked


Involve The Interest
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