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(a.) Boundless; endless; wearisomely protracted; as, interminable sufferings\.

a mile long ageless all-comprehensive all-inclusive articulated boundless catenated ceaseless coeternal concatenated connected constant continual continued continuing continuous countless cyclical dateless direct drawn-out endless eternal eterne ever-being ever-durable ever-during everlasting everliving exhaustless extended extending everywhere extensive far-flung far-reaching fargoing featureless gapless illimitable illimited immeasurable immediate immemorial immense incalculable incessant incomprehensible indestructible inexhaustible infinite infinitely continuous innumerable interminate joined jointless languishing lasting lengthened lengthy limitless lingering linked long long-continuing long-drawn long-drawn-out long-pending long-winded longish longsome marathon measureless monotonous never-ceasing never-ending no end of nonstop nonterminating nonterminous olamic overlong perdurable perennial periodic permanent perpetual prolonged protracted recurrent repetitive round-the-clock running seamless sempiternal serried sesquipedal sesquipedalian shoreless smooth spun-out stable steady straight stretched-out sumless tall termless timeless twenty-four-hour unbounded unbroken unceasing uncircumscribed undifferentiated unending unfathomable uniform unintermitted unintermittent unintermitting uninterrupted universal unlimited unmeasurable unmeasured unnumbered unplumbed unrelieved unremitting unstopped untold without bound without end without limit without measure without number


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