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1. (a.) Characterized by persistence; intent; intense; as intensive training; intensive care\.

2. (a.) Stretched; admitting of intension, or increase of degree; that can be intensified.

3. (a.) Serving to give force or emphasis; as, an intensive verb or preposition.

4. (n.) That which intensifies or emphasizes; an intensive verb or word.

absolute all-embracing all-encompassing all-out all-pervading born broad-based clean clear comprehensive concentrated congenital consummate deep deep-dyed downright dyed-in-the-wool egregious exhaustive hard intense intensified omnibus omnipresent out-and-out outright perfect pervasive plain plumb profound pure radical regular sheer straight sweeping thorough thoroughgoing through-and-through total ubiquitous unconditional universal unmitigated unqualified unreserved unrestricted utter veritable wholesale


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