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Vernunft abdomen acumen afferent neuron anus appendix autonomic nervous system axon bean blind gut blow to pieces blow up bowels brains bring down burn to death capacity cecum central nervous system cerebral cortex cognition colon conception consciousness craniosacral nervous system cut down cut to pieces deal a deathblow dendrite discernment discourse of reason discursive reason disintegrate drop duodenum effector organ efferent neuron encephalon endocardium entrails esprit fell foregut frag ganglion genius giblets give the quietus gizzard gray matter gun down guts head headpiece heart hindgut imagination incinerate innards inner mechanism insides intellect intellection intellectual intellectual faculty intelligence internals internuncial neuron intestine inwards jejunum jugulate kidney kishkes knowledge lapidate large intestine lay low leader liver liver and lights lung mastermind medullary sheath mens mental capacity mentality midgut mind mother wit nerve nerve trunk nervous system neuron noddle noggin noodle nous organ of thought pate perception perceptiveness percipience perineum peripheral nervous system perspicacity pistol planner plexus poleax power of reason psyche pump pylorus ratio rationality reason reasoning reasoning faculty rectum riddle sagacity sconce seat of thought sensation sense sensorium sensory sensory area sensory cell shoot shoot down shoot to death shotgun silence small intestine smarts solar plexus spinal cord spleen stab to death stomach stone stone to death strike dead synapse thoracolumbar nervous system thought ticker tripes understanding vaporize vermiform appendix viscera vitals white matter wisdom wise man wit works


Intellectual Exercise
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