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(a.) Making part of a whole; necessary to constitute an entire thing; integral.

accession accessory accident accidental accord accretion addendum addition adjunction adornment affairs affiliation affinity affix affixation agglutination aggrandizement alliance ally ampliation amplification annexation appanage appendage appendix approximation appurtenance arrangement aspect assemblage associate association attachment attendant augmentation auxiliary bedfellow bond broadening brother brother-in-arms circumstance closeness coadjutor cohort collateral colleague color color patterns combination companion compatriot compeer component comrade concomitant confederate confrere connectedness connection consociate consort constituent contents contiguity contingency contingent contrariety corollary crescendo crony cross section dealings decor decoration deduction deployment detachment detail disjunction dispersion division dole elaboration element embellishment emblazonment emblazonry embroidery enlargement expansion extension extra factor fanning out feature fellow fellow member filiation fixings fixture flare flourish flower arrangement fraction furniture arrangement garnish garnishment garniture happenstance hiking homology illumination incidental increase inessential ingredient installment integrant intercourse intimacy item joining junction juxtaposition liaison link linkage linking magnification makings mere chance mutual attraction nearness nonessential not-self ornament ornamentation other parcel part part and parcel particular percentage portion prefixation propinquity proximity quadrant quarter quota raising random sample rapport reinforcement relatedness relation relations relationship remainder sample sampling secondary section sector segment share similarity specialty splay spread spreading subdivision subgroup subsidiary subspecies suffixation superaddition superfetation superjunction superposition supplement supplementation sympathy tie tie-in trim trimming unessential union uniting upping widening window dressing


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