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1. (adv.) In the place or room; -- usually followed by of.

2. (adv.) Equivalent; equal to; -- usually with of.

OK Roger a bit a little a rebours absolutely acceptably adequately after all again against the grain albeit all right all the same alright alrighty alternately alternatively although amen arsy-varsy as an alternative as you say assuredly at all events at any rate aye before but by all means by choice by contraries by election by proxy by vote certainly choose choose rather contra contrarily contrariously contrariwise conversely da decently even even so exactly extremely fairishly fairly fairly well faute de mieux favor fine first for all that good good enough have a bias have preference have rather hear honor before howbeit however in a measure in a way in any case in any event in flat opposition in its place in its stead in loco parentis in preference in some measure indeed indeedy instead inversely it is that ja just so just the opposite just the same kind of lean towards like better mais oui moderately more more or less most assuredly naturally naturellement nay rather nevertheless nonetheless notwithstanding of course okay on the contrary oppositely otherwise oui passably per contra please positively precisely prefer prefer to preferably presentably pretty pretty well quite quite the contrary rather than really respectably right right as rain right you are righto satisfactorily scarcely see fit set before slightly so-so somewhat sooner sooner than sort of still sure sure thing surely that is so think best think fit think proper though to a degree to be sure to some extent to the contrary tolerably topsy-turvy tout au contraire truly unexceptionably upside down very very well vice versa well and good well enough when why yes yea yeah yep yes yes indeed yes indeedy yes sir yes sirree yet you are right you said it you speak truly


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