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Ace bandage Band-Aid absorbed attention absorption accounting for active use address adhesive tape administration answerability appeal appliance applicability applying appositeness ardor arrogation ascription asking assiduity assiduousness assignation assignment attachment attention attribution band bandage bandaging bearing bestowal binder blame boning brace brainwork bulldog tenacity busyness cast cataplasm charge claim commitment compress concentration concern concernment connection connection with conning consideration constancy consumption contemplation cotton court plaster cram cramming cravat credit debate dedication deep study deep thought deliberation demand derivation from desire devotion diligence dogged perseverance doggedness dosage dosing dressing drill effort elastic bandage employ employment endurance energeticalness energy enforcing engagement engrossment entreaty epithem etiology exercise exercising exertion expressed desire extensive study fervor fidelity forcing forcing on four-tailed bandage gauze germaneness giving good use grind grinding hard usage hard use headwork heed honor ill use immersion impetration imploration imprecation imputation indefatigability indent industriousness industry insistence insistency inspection intentness interest involvement laboriousness lint loyalty lucubration materiality meditation mental labor meting out misuse monomania obsession obstinacy operation orison palaetiology patience patience of Job permanence perseverance persistence persistency pertinaciousness pertinacity pertinence perusal petition placement plaster plaster cast plea pledget plodding plugging poultice practice preoccupation prescribing profound thought rapt attention reading reference reference to regard relatedness relentlessness relevance request requisition resolution respect responsibility restudy restudying review roller roller bandage rough usage rubber bandage saddling sedulity sedulousness single-mindedness singleness of purpose sling slogging solicitation splint sponge stability stamina staying power steadfastness steadiness stick-to-itiveness strenuousness stubbornness studiousness study studying stupe subject submersion suit supplication swotting tampon tape tenaciousness tenacity tent tirelessness tourniquet triangular bandage unremittingness unsparingness unswerving attention usage use using up utilization vehemence wide reading wish wrong use zeal zealousness


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