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1. (v. t.) To take by descent from an ancestor; to take by inheritance; to take as heir on the death of an ancestor or other person to whose estate one succeeds; to receive as a right or title descendible by law from an ancestor at his decease; as, the heir inherits the land or real estate of his father; the eldest son of a nobleman inherits his father's title; the eldest son of a king inherits the crown.

2. (v. t.) To receive or take by birth; to have by nature; to derive or acquire from ancestors, as mental or physical qualities; as, he inherits a strong constitution, a tendency to disease, etc.

3. (v. t.) To come into possession of; to possess; to own; to enjoy as a possession.

4. (v. t.) To put in possession of.

5. (v. i.) To take or hold a possession, property, estate, or rights by inheritance.

accept acquire admit assume bag be seized of call capture catch come in for come into come over contract corral derive derive from drag down draw draw from drop in earn enter into possession gain get harvest have have coming in heir inherit look in look up make net obtain pop in procure pull down reap receive run in sack score secure see step in succeed to take take in take on take over win


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