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1. (a.) Possessed of genius, or the faculty of invention; skillful or prompt to invent\; having an aptitude to contrive, or to form new combinations; as, an ingenious author, mechanic.

2. (a.) Proceeding from, pertaining to, or characterized by, genius or ingenuity; of curious design, structure, or mechanism; as, an ingenious model, or machine; an ingenious scheme, contrivance, etc.

3. (a.) Witty; shrewd; adroit; keen; sagacious; as, an ingenious reply.

4. (a.) Mental; intellectual.

Daedalian Machiavellian Machiavellic acute adept adroit apt arch artful artistic astute authoritative bravura bright brilliant cagey canny clean clever conceptive conceptual coordinated crack crackerjack crafty creative cunning cute daedal deceitful deep deep-laid deft demiurgic designing dexterous dextrous diplomatic esemplastic excellent expert fancy fecund feline fertile foxy germinal gifted good goodish graceful guileful handy ideational ideative imaginative innovational innovative insidious inspired inventive keen knowing magisterial masterful masterly neat no mean notional on the ball original originative pawky politic pregnant productive professional proficient prolific quick quite some ready resourceful scheming seminal serpentine shaping sharp shifty shrewd skilled skillful slick slim slippery sly smart smooth snaky sneaky some sophistical statesmanlike stealthy strategic stylish subtile subtle supple tactful tactical talented teeming the compleat the complete trickish tricksy tricky virtuoso visioned vulpine wary well-done wily workmanlike


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