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1. (n.) The act of pouring in, or instilling\; instillation; as, the infusion of good principles into the mind; the infusion of ardor or zeal.

2. (v. t.) That which is infused; suggestion; inspiration.

3. (n.) The act of plunging or dipping into a fluid; immersion.

4. (n.) The act or process of steeping or soaking any substance in water in order to extract its virtues.

5. (n.) The liquid extract obtained by this process.

absorption and regurgitation afflatus affusion animating spirit animation animus aspergation aspersion baptism baptismal gown baptismal regeneration baptistery baptizement brainwashing brewing catechization chemical solution chrismal christening concentrate concentration conditioning dash decoction dictation distillate distillation divine afflatus drench drenching ducking dunking elixir embedment enlivenment entrance essence exhilaration expression extract extraction fire firing font genius graft grafting hint imbruement imbuement immersion impaction impactment implantation impregnation impression inculcation indoctrination infection infiltration infixation infixion injection inkling inoculation insertion insinuation inspiration instillation instillment interjection interpenetration interpolation intimation introduction intromission leach leachate leaching lixiviation lixivium maceration marination mixture moving spirit penetration percolation perfusion permeation pervasion pressing pulping purification quintessence refinement reindoctrination rendering rendition saturation sauce seasoning seething shade smack soak soakage soaking solution sopping soupcon souse sousing spice spirit sprinkling squeezing steeping suffusion suggestion suspicion taint tempering tessellation thought tinct tincture tinge tint total immersion touch trace transplant transplantation vestige


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