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1. (n.) The act of infringing; breach; violation; nonfulfillment; as, the infringement of a treaty, compact, law, or constitution.

2. (n.) An encroachment on a patent, copyright, or other special privilege; a trespass.

adoption appropriation arrogation assumption bad faith bankruptcy borrowed plumes breach breach of contract breach of faith breach of law breach of privilege breach of promise breach of trust breakage breakdown breaking civil disobedience collapse contravention copying crack-up crippling damage derivation deriving destruction detriment dilapidation disablement disobedience disrepair encroachment entrance entrenchment frowardness harm hobbling hurt hurting imitation impairment impingement imposition incapacitation incursion indiscipline indocility infiltration influx infraction injection injury inroad insinuation insubordination interference interjection interloping interposition interposure interruption intervention intractability intrusion invasion irruption lawbreaking lawlessness loss maiming mayhem mischief mocking mutilation naughtiness noncompliance nonconformity noncooperation nonobedience obtrusion offense overstepping passive resistance pasticcio pastiche pirating plagiarism plagiary playing God recusancy ruination ruinousness sabotage scathe seizure sickening simulation spoiling taking transgression trespass trespassing uncooperativeness unduteousness undutifulness unlawful entry unsubmissiveness usurpation violation violation of law waywardness weakening willful disobedience


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