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1. (a.) Undivided.

2. (v. t.) To distinguish from others from others of the species; to endow with individuality; to divide into individuals; to discriminate.

air alphabetize anatomize apply reason arrange assay assort atomize bracket break down break up canvass catalog categorize change chop logic class classify codify comment upon conjugate consider contradistinguish controvert deal with debate decline decompose deduce deliberate deliberate upon demarcate demark desynonymize difference differentiate digest discourse about discriminate discuss disequalize disjoin dissect distinguish diversify divide draw the line examine exchange views file generalize go into grade group handle hyphenate hypothesize index individualize individuate infer inflect inspect intellectualize investigate knock around list logicalize logicize make a distinction mark mark off mark out mark the interface modify order parenthesize parse part particularize pass under review personalize philosophize pick out pigeonhole place point provide a rationale punctuate range rank rap rate rationalize reason reason about reason the point reduce reduce to elements refine a distinction resolve review screen screen out scrutinize segment segregate select separate set a limit set apart set off sever severalize sieve sieve out sift sift out sort sort out specialize split hairs study subdivide subtilize syllogize synthesize tabulate take up talk talk about talk of talk over theorize thresh out treat type use reason vary ventilate winnow


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