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1. (n.) The quality of being individual; individuality; personality.

2. (n.) An excessive or exclusive regard to one's personal interest; self-interest; selfishness.

Declaration of Independence acquisitiveness animus aptitude aroma attribute autarchy autarky autism autonomy badge bent bias brand cachet capitalism capitalistic system careerism cast character characteristic complexion configuration constitution cut diathesis differentia differential differentiation differentness disposition distinctive feature distinctiveness earmark eccentricity ego ego trip egocentricity egocentrism egohood egoism egoisticalness egotism egotisticalness feature figure finance capitalism flavor free economy free enterprise free-enterprise economy free-enterprise system grain graspingness greed gust hallmark home rule human factor humor identity idiocrasy idiosyncrasy impress impression inclination independence index individuality inner-direction integrity interest keynote kidney laissez-faire laissez-faireism leaning lineaments make makeup mannerism mark marking mental set mettle mind mind-set mold narcissism nature nominalism nonconformity odor oneness particularism particularity peculiarity personal aims personal ambition personal desires personal equation personal identity personalism personality personship possessiveness predilection predisposition preference private enterprise private ownership private sector privatism proclivity propensity property quality quirk remoteness rugged individualism savor seal self-absorption self-admiration self-advancement self-centeredness self-centerment self-consideration self-containment self-determination self-devotion self-direction self-esteem self-government self-identity self-indulgence self-interest self-interestedness self-jealousy self-occupation self-pleasing self-reliance self-seeking self-serving self-solicitude self-sufficiency selfhood selfishness selfism selfness set shape singularity slant smack soul specialty stamp state capitalism strain streak stripe taint tang taste temper temperament tendency token trait trick turn turn of mind twist type uniqueness warp


Individual Essence
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