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1. (n.) The act of incorporating, or the state of being incorporated.

2. (n.) The union of different ingredients in one mass; mixture; combination; synthesis.

3. (n.) The union of something with a body already existing; association; intimate union; assimilation; as, the incorporation of conquered countries into the Roman republic.

4. (n.) The act of creating a corporation.

5. (n.) A body incorporated; a corporation.

Anschluss addition admissibility admission affiliation agglomeration aggregation agreement alignment alliance amalgamation assemblage assembly assimilation association blend blending building buildup cabal cahoots cartel centralization coadunation coalescence coalition colleagueship collegialism collegiality combination combine combo completeness composition compound comprehension comprehensiveness comprisal comradeship confederacy confederation confraternity congeries conglomeration conjugation conjunction consolidation conspiracy constitution construction copartnership copartnery corporealization coverage ecumenism eligibility embodiment embracement encompassment enosis envisagement exhaustiveness fabrication fashioning federalization federation fellowship formation fraternalism fraternity fraternization freemasonry fusion getup hookup incarnation inclusion inclusiveness integration junction junta league make makeup marriage materialization meld melding membership merger metempsychosis mixture openness organization package package deal participation partnership personification piecing together putting together reception reembodiment reincarnation setup shaping sodality solidification sorority structure structuring substantiation syncretism syndication syneresis synthesis tie-in tie-up tolerance toleration transmigration unification union wedding whole


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