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1. (n.) The act of including, or the state of being included; limitation; restriction; as, the lines of inclusion of his policy.

2. (n.) A foreign substance, either liquid or solid, usually of minute size, enclosed in the mass of a mineral.

Anschluss absorption addition affiliation agglomeration aggregation agreement alignment alliance amalgamation assimilation association beleaguerment besetment blend blending blockade blockading cabal cahoots cartel centralization cincture circling circumambience circumambiency circumcincture circumflexion circumjacence circumposition circumscription classification coadunation coalescence coalition colleagueship collegialism collegiality combination combine combo composition comradeship confederacy confederation confinement confraternity congeries conglomeration conjugation conjunction consolidation conspiracy containment copartnership copartnery cordoning counting ecumenism embarrassment embodiment embracement encincture encirclement enclosure encompassment enfoldment engagement enmeshment enosis entanglement envelopment environment federalization federation fellowship fraternalism fraternity fraternization freemasonry fusion girding girdling grouping hookup immurement implication imprisonment incarceration incorporation integration involution involvement junction junta league marriage meld melding merger numbering package package deal partnership quarantine relation siege sodality solidification sorority surrounding syncretism syndication syneresis synthesis tie-in tie-up unification union wedding


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