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a thing for affection affinity aim an ear for an eye for angle angularity animus appetence appetency appetite aptitude aptness ardor attitude azimuth bag bank bearing bend bending bending the knee bent bevel bezel bias bob bow bowing bowing and scraping cant capacity for cascade cast cataract character choice chosen kind chute collapse comedown command conation conatus conduciveness constitution course crash craving cup of tea current curtsy debacle decision declension declination defluxion delight descending descension descent desire determination diathesis dipping the colors direction direction line discretion discrimination disposition down downbend downcome downcurve downfall downflow downgrade downpour downrush downtrend downturn downward trend drift drop dropping druthers eagerness easy slope eccentricity enthusiasm fall falling fancy fascination favor favoritism feeling for felicity fervor flair fleam forejudgment free choice free will genius for gentle slope genuflection gift for glacis grade gradient grain gravitation hanging gardens heading helicline helmsmanship hillside homage idiosyncrasy incline inclined plane inclining individualism inequality innate aptitude intention interest involvement jaundice jaundiced eye kidney kneeling kowtow launching ramp lay lean leaning leaning tower liability lie liking line line of direction line of march list longing lust make makeup making a leg mental set mettle mind mind-set mold mutual affinity mutual attraction nature navigation nepotism nod nodding obeisance objective obsequiousness one-sidedness orientation parti pris partialism partiality particular choice partisanism partisanship passion penchant personal choice piloting pitch pleasure plummeting point pounce preconception predilection predisposition preference preferential treatment prejudgment prejudice prepossession presenting arms probability proclivity proneness propensity prostration quarter rake ramp range rapids readiness resolution reverence run salaam salutation salute scarp scrape sensitivity to servility set sexual desire shelving beach side slant slope soft spot stamp standing at attention steep slope steerage steering stiff climb stomach stoop strain streak stripe style submission submissiveness susceptibility swag sway swoop sympathy talus taste temper temperament tendency tenor thing tilt tilting tip tower of Pisa track trend tropism


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