1. (a.) Silly; empty; void of sense or intelligence\; purposeless; pointless; characterless; useless.

2. (n.) That which is void or empty.

absurd aimless airy apish arid asinine awkward bare barren batty befooled beguiled besotted blah bland blank blankminded bleached bloodless bonkers bootless brainless buffoonish callow calm catchpenny characterless clear cockeyed cold colorless counterproductive crazy credulous cuckoo daffy daft dazed dead designless devoid dilute diluted dippy doting dotty draggy drearisome dreary driveling dry dryasdust dull dumb dusty effete elephantine empty empty-headed empty-minded empty-pated empty-skulled etiolated fade fatuitous fatuous featureless feckless flaky flat flavorless flimsy fond fool foolheaded foolish fribble fribbling frivolous frothy fruitless fuddled futile gaga garbled gauche goofy green groping gruelly gulled heavy ho-hum hollow idiotic idle ignorant imbecile imbecilic importless inadequate incogitant indifferent ineffective ineffectual inefficacious inept inexcitable inexperienced infatuated innocent innocuous inoperative insane insignificant insipid invalid jejune know-nothing kooky laughable leaden lifeless light loony low-spirited ludicrous lunatic mad maudlin meaningless mild milk-and-water moronic naive namby-pamby nescient nirvanic nonconnotative nondenotative nonsensical nugacious nugatory null null and void nuts nutty oblivious of no force otiose pale pallid pappy passive pedestrian phatic plodding pointless poky ponderous preposterous pulpy purportless purposeless quietistic rattlebrained rattleheaded raw relaxed ridiculous risible sapless sappy savorless scatterbrained scrambled screwy senseless sentimental shallow silly simple slender slight slow solemn spiceless spiritless stale sterile stiff stodgy strange to stuffy stupid superficial tasteless tedious tentative thin thoughtfree thoughtless tranquil trifling trite trivial unacquainted unapprized unavailing uncomprehending unconversant unenlightened unfamiliar unflavored unideaed unilluminated uninformed uninitiated unintellectual unintelligent unknowing unlively unmeaning unoccupied unposted unreasonable unreasoning unrelieved unripe unsavory unsignificant unsure unthinking unversed useless vacant vacuous vain vapid void wacky washy watered watered-down watery weak wet white windy wishy-washy with nothing inside without content witless wooden


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