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Americanize Anglicize Greek accept acculturate acculturize act in concert act together admit adopt affiliate to affiliate with affiliated allied ally amalgamate approve arm assimilate associate associated band band together be in cahoots be in league belonger bound bracketed branch branch office brother bunch bunch up cabal cabalistic card-carrier card-carrying member cardholder carry cement a union centralize chapter charter member club club together clubber clubman clubwoman coact coalesce collaborate collateral collude combine come into come together committeeman comrade concert concord concur confederate confederated confer citizenship conjugate connected consociate consolidate conspiratorial conspire conventioneer conventioner conventionist cooperate corporate correlated couple coupled creep in derive from division do business with dues-paying member embrace enleagued enlist enlistee enroll enrollee enter espouse father federalize federate federated fellow filiate to fraternity man fuse gang gang up get heads together get into get together go in for go in partners go in partnership go into go native go partners guildsman hang together harmonize hold together honorary member hook up hook up with implicated in cahoots in league in partnership in with initiate insider interlinked interlocked interrelated involved join join forces join fortunes with join in join together join up join up with join with joined joiner keep together knotted league league together league with leagued life member linked local lodge make common cause married marry member merge naturalize of that ilk of that kind offshoot one of us organ organize pair pair off paired parallel partner partners with pass play ball pledge post pull together put heads together ratify reciprocate related sign on sign up sister sneak in socius sorority girl sorority woman spliced stand together stand up with take out membership take up take up membership team up team up with team with teamed throw in together throw in with tie in tie in with tie up tie up with tied trace to twinned unionize unite unite efforts unite with wed wedded wing work together yoked


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