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1. (v. t.) To press, stamp, or print something in or upon; to mark by pressure, or as by pressure; to imprint (that which bears the impression).

2. (v. t.) To produce by pressure, as a mark, stamp, image, etc.; to imprint (a mark or figure upon something).

3. (v. t.) Fig.: To fix deeply in the mind; to present forcibly to the attention, etc.; to imprint; to inculcate.

4. (n.) To take by force for public service; as, to impress sailors or money.

5. (v. i.) To be impressed; to rest.

6. (n.) The act of impressing or making.

7. (n.) A mark made by pressure; an indentation; imprint; the image or figure of anything, formed by pressure or as if by pressure; result produced by pressure or influence.

8. (n.) Characteristic; mark of distinction; stamp.

9. (n.) A device. See Impress.

10. (n.) The act of impressing, or taking by force for the public service; compulsion to serve; also, that which is impressed.

Ditto copy Photostat Xerox Xerox copy abduce abduct affect alveolation alveolus annex aquatint aroma arrest the thoughts attach attribute autolithograph backlash backwash badge beat into bed blaze a trail blemish block block print blotch boss brainwash brand bring home to bring into play bring out bump cachet call up carry carry away carry off cast catch the thoughts catechize chalk chalk up character characteristic check check off chromolithograph cicatrize clout collectivize colophon color print come home to commandeer communalize communize concavity condition configuration confirm confiscate conscript contact print convert to use convexity copperplate copperplate print crayon engraving crimp cut dactylogram dactylograph dapple dash deep-dye define delimit demarcate dent depress detach detach for service differentia differential dimple dint discolor distinctive feature distrain dot draft drive earmark electrify embed emboss embossment emphasize engraft engrave engravement engraving enlargement enlist enlist into service enroll enthuse entrench establish etch etching excite excrescence expropriate fall back upon feature figure fingerprint fix flavor fleck footmark footprint footstep force fossil footprint found freckle furrow galvanize garnish gash get get out gouge grab graphotype grave ground gust hallmark hammer hatch have recourse to hectograph hectograph copy hit hit the mark hold for ransom honeycomb ichnite ichnolite idiocrasy idiosyncrasy imbue impact implant impound impregnate impress forcibly impression imprint inculcate indent indentation indention indenture index individualism indoctrinate induct infix influence infuse ingrain inoculate inscribe inspire instill issue jam join keynote kidnap letterpress levy line lineaments linoleum-block print list lithograph lodge look to lump mackle make a mark make an impression mannerism mark mark off mark out marking mezzotint mimeograph mimeograph copy mobilize mold mottle move multigraph muster muster in nationalize nature negative nick notch odor offcut offprint offset overprint pack pad particularity paw print pawmark peculiarity pencil pepper persuade photocopy photograph photostatic copy pimple pique pit plant pock pockmark point positive pound press press in prick print program proof property prove provoke publish


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