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1. (a.) Implied; understood, though not expressed in words; as, an implicit contract or agreement\.

2. (a.) Resting on another; trusting in the word or authority of another, without doubt or reserve; unquestioning; complete; as, implicit confidence; implicit obedience.

absolute adducible admissible admitting no exception all-out attestative attestive authentic based on categorical certain circumstantial clear complete conclusive constructive convincing cumulative damning decided decisive deep-seated definite definitive determinate determinative documentary documented downright entire esoteric evidential evidentiary ex parte explicit express eye-witness factual final firsthand fixed flat flat-out founded on full genuine global grounded on hearsay immanent implanted implied inalienable inappealable inarticulate incontrovertible indicative indirect indisputable indwelling inferable inferential inferred infixed ingrained inherent inner internal intrinsic inward inwrought irreducible irrefutable irresistible latent material nuncupative out-and-out outright overwhelming peremptory perfect positive practical presumptive private probative real reliable resident round secret sheer significant straight straight-out subjective suggestive sure symptomatic tacit taken for granted telling total unalienable unalloyed unchallengeable uncircumscribed unconditional unconditioned undeclared understood undiluted undoubting unequivocal unexpressed unhampered unhesitating unlimited unmistakable unmitigated unqualified unquestionable unquestioned unquestioning unreserved unrestricted unsaid unspoken unuttered unwaivable utter valid virtual weighty whole wholehearted without exception without reserve wordless


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