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(a.) Not mutable; unchangeable; unalterable\.

abiding accordant adamant adamantine age-long aged alike all-knowing all-powerful all-seeing all-wise almighty ancient antique balanced boundless cast-iron changeless chronic consistent consonant constant continuing continuous correspondent creating creative diligent diuturnal dogged dour durable enduring equable equal eternal eternally the same even evergreen everlasting faithful firm fixed flat flinty frozen glorious good grim hallowed hard hard-core hardy highest holy homogeneous immobile immortal immovable implacable impliable inalterable incommutable inconvertible indefatigable indefeasible indomitable inductile industrious inelastic inert inexorable inextensible inextensile inextensional infinite inflexible insistent insusceptible of change intact intractable intractile intransient intransigent intransmutable invariable inveterate invincible inviolate iron irreconcilable irresilient irretrievable irreversible irrevocable just lasting level limitless long-lasting long-lived long-standing long-term longeval longevous loving loyal luminous macrobiotic majestic making measured mechanical merciful methodic monolithic never-tiring noble nonelastic nonreturnable nonreversible nonstretchable numinous obstinate of a piece of long duration of long standing omnipotent omnipresent omniscient one ordered orderly patient patient as Job perdurable perduring perennial permanent perpetual perseverant persevering persistent persisting pertinacious plodding plugging preoccupied quiescent radiant rapt regular relentless remaining resolute reverseless rigid rigorous robotlike rock-ribbed sacred sedulous sempervirent shaping single-minded sleepless slogging smooth solid sovereign stable static stationary staying steadfast steady steely stern stiff stubborn supreme sustained systematic tenacious timeless tireless torpid tough ubiquitous unabating unaffected unalterable unalterative unaltered unbending unbounded unbroken unchangeable unchanged unchanging unchecked uncompromising unconquerable undaunted undefined undeflectable undestroyed undeviating undifferentiated undiscouraged undiversified undrooping unextendible unextensible unfading unfailing unfaltering unflagging unflexible unflinching ungiving uniform unintermitting uninterrupted unlimber unlimited unmalleable unmodifiable unmovable unmoved unnodding unpliable unpliant unrelaxing unrelenting unremitting unrestorable unreturnable unruffled unshifting unsleeping unsusceptible unswerving untiring untractable unvariable unvaried unvarying unwavering unwearied unwearying unwinking unyielding utterly attentive


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