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1. (n.) The act of copying\.

2. (n.) That which is made or produced as a copy; that which is made to resemble something else, whether for laudable or for fraudulent purposes; likeness; resemblance.

3. (n.) One of the principal means of securing unity and consistency in polyphonic composition; the repetition of essentially the same melodic theme, phrase, or motive, on different degrees of pitch, by one or more of the other parts of voices. Cf. Canon.

4. (n.) The act of condition of imitating another species of animal, or a plant, or inanimate object. See Imitate, v. t., 3.

accordance acting adoption affected agent agreement alike alikeness alliance alternate alternative analogy aped aping apocryphal approach appropriation approximation artificial assimilation assumed assumption backup bastard bogus borrowed plumes brummagem burlesque caricature certified copy change changeling characterization cheat clinquant closeness colorable colored community comparability comparison conduplication conformity consimilar copied copy copying correspondence counterfeit counterfeited counterpart deputy derivation deriving distorted double doubling dressed up dumb show dummy duplicate duplication echo ectype embellished embodiment embroidered emulation enacting enactment equal equivalent ersatz exchange facsimile factitious fair copy faithful copy fake faked fakement FALSE falsified farce favoring feigned fictitious fictive fill-in following forged forgery frame-up fraud garbled gemination ghost ghostwriter hoax hokey homogeneous icon identical identity illegitimate image imitated impersonating impersonation impostor impression incarnation infringement ingemination iteration junk junky knockoff lampoon like likeness likening locum tenens make-believe makeshift man-made masquerade metaphor metonymy mimesis mimicked mimicking mimicry miming mock mock-up mockery mocking model nearly reproduced nearness next best thing not unlike palingenesis pantomime pantomiming parallelism paraphrase parity parody paste pasticcio pastiche performance performing personation personification personnel perverted phony picture pinch pinch hitter pinchbeck pirating plagiarism plagiarized plagiary playing portrait portrayal posing pretended provisional proxy pseudo put-on put-up job quasi queer quotation re-creation re-formation reappearance rebirth rebuilding reconstitution reconstruction recurrence redesign redoing redoubling reduplication reecho reedition reestablishment refashioning regeneration regenesis regurgitation reincarnation reinstitution reissue reiteration relief remaking renascence renewal renovation reoccurrence reorganization repetition replacement replica replication representation representative reprinting reproduction resemblance resembling reserve reserves reshaping restoration restructuring resumption resurrection return revision revival ringer rip-off sameness satire second string secondary self-styled semblance sham shoddy sign similar similarity simile similitude simulacrum simulated simulation smacking of so-called soi-disant something like spare


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