1. (n.) The twenty-fourth part of a day; sixty minutes.

2. (n.) The time of the day, as expressed in hours and minutes, and indicated by a timepiece; as, what is the hour? At what hour shall we meet?

3. (n.) Fixed or appointed time; conjuncture; a particular time or occasion; as, the hour of greatest peril; the man for the hour.

4. (n.) Certain prayers to be repeated at stated times of the day, as matins and vespers.

5. (n.) A measure of distance traveled.

abundant year academic year annum bell bissextile year calendar month calendar year century common year day decade decennary decennium defective year fateful moment fiscal year fortnight instant interval juncture kairos leap year lunar month lunar year lunation luster lustrum man-hour microsecond millennium millisecond minute moment moment of truth month moon period point pregnant moment psychological moment quarter quinquennium regular year season second semester session sidereal year solar year space span spell stage stretch sun term the time time time lag time of day time signal trimester twelvemonth week weekday while year


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