1. (n.) The consecrated wafer, believed to be the body of Christ, which in the Mass is offered as a sacrifice; also, the bread before consecration.

2. (n.) An army; a number of men gathered for war.

3. (n.) Any great number or multitude; a throng.

4. (n.) One who receives or entertains another, whether gratuitously or for compensation; one from whom another receives food, lodging, or entertainment; a landlord.

5. (v. t.) To give entertainment to.

6. (v. i.) To lodge at an inn; to take up entertainment.

MC a mass of a world of announcer armed force armed service army array assemblage assembly bevy body bunch career soldiers cloud cluster clutter cohue colony covey crowd crush deluge do the honors drift drive drove emcee entertain entertain guests entertainer fighting machine flight flock flocks flood forces galaxy gam gang give a party ground forces ground troops guest hail have heap herd hive horde hostess innkeeper jam kennel landlady landlord large amount legion legions litter lots manager many mass masses of master of ceremonies military establishment mine host mob muchness multitude nest numbers occupation force pack panoply paratroops plurality pod presenter preside press pride proprietor proprietress publican quantities quite a few rabble rank and file ranks receptionist regular army regulars rout ruck school scores shoal ski troops skulk sloth soldiery spate standing army storm troops swarm the line the military throng throw a party tidy sum trip troop troops worlds of


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