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1. (a.) Full of hope, or agreeable expectation; inclined to hope; expectant.

2. (a.) Having qualities which excite hope; affording promise of good or of success; as, a hopeful youth; a hopeful prospect.

Leibnizian optimist Pollyanna addict adolescent advantageous agape agog all agog also-ran anticipant anticipating anticipative anticipatory applicant apt aspirant aspirer aspiring assured auspicious awaiting baby baby kisser beaming blithe blithesome bright bright and sunny budding candidate certain cheerful cheering cheery chiliast collector confident content couleur de rose coveter dark horse defeated candidate desirer devotee dud eager easy elated encouraging eupeptic euphoric exalted exhilarated expectant expecting fair fancier favorite son fledgling flushed fond forearmed foreseeable forestalling forewarned freak full of hope gaping genial glad gladsome glowing golden halcyon hankerer happy heartening high hoper hoping in anticipation in expectation in good heart in good spirits in high spirits in hopes in the cards infant inspiriting irrepressible irrepressible optimist junior juvenal juvenile lame duck laughing liable likely looking for looking forward to lover millenarian millennialist millennian minor not surprised odds-on of good cheer of good hope office seeker optimist optimistic perfectibilist perfectibilitarian perfectionist philosophical optimist pleasant political hopeful predictable predictable within limits prepared presidential timber presumable presumptive probable promising propitious pubescent radiant ray of sunshine ready reassuring riant rose-colored roseate rosy running mate sanguine sanguineous sapling satisfied secure seeker slip smiling solicitant sparkling sprig stalking-horse statistically probable stripling suitor sunny sure teenager teener teenybopper undespairing undisturbed unsurprised up-and-coming upbeat utopian verisimilar votary waiting waiting for wanter watching for winsome wisher yearner young hopeful young person younger youngest youngling youngster youth


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