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1. (a.) Spun or wrought at home; of domestic manufacture; coarse; plain.

2. (a.) Plain in manner or style; not elegant; rude; coarse.

3. (n.) Cloth made at home; as, he was dressed in homespun.

4. (n.) An unpolished, rustic person.

Attic Babbittish Philistine Spartan amateur amateurish arcadian ascetic assembled austere bald bare basic bourgeois broken bucolic built bumpy campy candid cast chaste choppy classic classical coarse coarse-grained common commonplace constructed corrugated crafted created cross-grained crude custom custom-built custom-made direct down-to-earth dry dull elementary essential everyday extracted fabricated fashioned forged formed frank fundamental garden garden-variety gathered general genuine grainy granulated grown handcrafted handmade harvested high-camp homely homemade homogeneous horripilant household inartificial indivisible inelegant inequal irreducible irregular jolty kitschy lean linsey-woolsey low-camp machine-made machined made made to order man-made manufactured matter-of-fact mere milled mined molded monolithic native natural naturelike neat nondescript of a piece open ordinary pastoral pimply pitted plain plain-speaking plain-spoken plebeian pocky pop popular potholed prefab prefabricated primal primary processed prosaic prosing prosy public pure pure and simple put together raised rank ready-for-wear ready-formed ready-made ready-prepared ready-to-wear refined ripply rough rough-cast rough-grained rough-hewn rude ruffled rural rustic rutted rutty severe shagged shaggy shaped simon-pure simple simple-speaking single smelted sober spare stark straightforward textured unadorned unaffected unartificial unassuming uncluttered undesigning undifferenced undifferentiated undisguising undissembling undissimulating unembellished uneven unfeigning uniform unimaginative unkempt unlevel unpoetical unpolished unpretending unpretentious unprofessional unrefined unsmooth unsophisticated unspoiled ununiform unvarnished vernacular well-built well-constructed well-made wimpled workaday workday


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