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(a.) Inflated; boastful.

adult aggrandized ample apotheosized arrogant arty awash awesome awful awfully beatified benevolent big boy big cheese big noise big shot big-league big-name big-time bighearted bigwig bigwigged bombastic brimful brimming bull bumper canonized capacious chivalrous chock-full cloyed clumsy commodious comprehensive condescending consequential considerable considerate copious crammed crowded damned deified distended domineering double-barreled earthshaking elevated eminent ennobled enshrined enthroned exalted excellent expectant expecting extensive extravagant extremely fat flushed full to bursting gassy generous glorified glutted gone goodly grand gravid great great gun great of heart greathearted greatly grown grown-up handsome haughty healthy heavy heavyweight hefty held in awe heroic high high and mighty high-faluting high-flown high-headed high-minded high-nosed high-powered high-sounding high-swelling highfalutin highfaluting hoity-toity hugely hulking husky idealistic immortal immortalized important imposing inflated knightly large large-scale largehearted liberal lion lofty magnanimous magnified major man-sized marriable marriageable material mature maturescent meaningful mighty momentous much name noble noble-minded nubile numerous of age of marriageable age old openhanded overbearing overblown overflowing packed parturient patronizing pretentious princely proud purse-proud replete roomy sainted sanctified sated satiated satisfied self-important shrined significant sizable spacious stuck-up stuffed sublime substantial supereminent superior swollen tall throned tidy toplofty unwieldy uppish uppity upstage voluminous weighty whacking whopping windy world-shaking


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